How To Block Facebook On Android

In today’s automated, digital life, everyone is involved in the social media platforms and their extensive use on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Nevertheless, Facebook takes a lot of time for social networking as the primary source. Undoubtedly, social media is useful to many and facilitates online networking. As with other things, it is natural to … Read more

Facebook User Instead of Name

Do you know who a Facebook user is? Actually, the Facebook user is a stand-in term used to label conversations with users whose accounts are deleted or deactivated. It is a term used by Facebook. For instance, you may be going through a Facebook messenger and going through the conversations. You may suddenly see a … Read more

How To post a Craigslist ad on Facebook

Facebook and Craigslist represent free advertising opportunities for most services or products. The biggest challenge is in deciding on the product or service to sell. You have to consider brainstorming ideas and research Craigslist on those ideas. Starting to sell your service or product, you are ready to create your business. How to Post on … Read more